A globally registered brand launched from Spain to reach 65
branches around the world, through which it offers sweets with a lot
of love and a little of sugar and glucose, with its rich taste and
famous artistic forms, Misha is the exclusive agent for Papabubble in
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Novus Salon
Novus Salon

The number of men’s salons in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exceeds
35,000 salons, and this sector is growing globally by 6%. According to
these data, after studying the opportunities and needs, Misha offers
a luxurious and special experience in men’s salon and Spa in Jeddah.
Novus is unique by its large area offering an Integrated hair and body
care services by the best specialized professional expertise in a calm
atmosphere at competitive prices.


A specialized advertising company that provides creative and
innovative marketing solutions for small and medium companies, in
addition to social media management services for many clients,
planning implementing marketing and advertising campaigns


A trading company specialized in importing and distributing various
products, it started its operations as a regional agent for a number of
brands in 2015 and has offices in three Arab countries (Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon), and aims to distribute its
products in pharmacies and markets of the Middle East.

Malak Company

Malak contains a chain of pharmacies that offers a wide range of
medicines and cosmetics from famous brands. Malak was
established in 2015 with the aim of providing the optimum level of
service and products to customers, it has since then expanded to
reach three branches in Jeddah, Malak seeks to expand annually And
cover all customer needs.

Crazy Dawgs

It’s said that creativity is transforming the familiar into the unusual,
based on that, Crazy Dawgs offers hotdog sandwiches with new
innovative ideas with different and creative flavors to passionately
provide a unique experience in the food and beverage market,
created by the research and development team in Misha after
studying the shortage in this field.


Misha & 2030 Vision

One of the main pillars of the Kingdom's vision 2030 is a prosperous economy. And it is the duty of the private sector Companies to contribute in achieving the desired goals and this is what makes Misha Holding invest in multiple sectors and support many project so they contribute in supporting domestic products and in increasing the size of the economy.

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